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Welcome to Live Sound Club
The Live Sound Club teaches students how to run basic sound, both in a recording a live setting. Students will be able to learn basics in each category during club meetings, and the club will also bring in professionals to talk about different ideas on a consistent basis. Students interested in being “certified” in live sound, will be able to do a short study day and take a certification quiz with Mr. Click. Certified sound technicians will be added to a list, and will be eligible to run live sound for events in ours school’s auditorium, gym, and cafeteria. Excelling students will be asked to assist the band, drama, and choir classes with special programs. The club is open to all students. Come and learn new skills and help out your school.
As the year begins, those of you who were in the club last year can come get certified to run the booth by yourself by helping me with an event. I will keep a list of events on the calendar section to the right of this page, and you can come to any of these and I will get you passed off.
Those new to the club will need to make sure to attend the next two club meetings, as I will go through the booth basics you will need to come get your certification.
I think it might be cool for this group to plan to do a show (or a series of shows) in the auditorium and/ or other spots around the school to help raise some funds for the band and rock band program. If we as a club were interested in doing this, you all would help book bands to play (probably need to ALWAYS have at least one all Central student band like any of the CMS Rock Bands), work on the location, make posters and other promotion, set up the gear, and run sound. We would take donations at the door (which you all would also be in charge of), and all the funds would help to go to the bands here. I think it would be a cool goal for this group, and would allow us to REALLY run live sound at shows we planned.
What other things would you like to do this year?
Feel free to email me with ideas!
Mr. Click and Mr. Mears

Room 343

Events for Certification:
Author Event 1-3rd periods
(requires teacher permission)
Band Concert
Strings Concert
Holocaust Survivor Presentation
MS Band Concert
HS Band and Symphony Concert