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Chris Click, AP Music Theory

Welcome to Mr. Click's Theory Page
Now that we are back in the swing of things, we will continue to focus in on the FRQ section of the exam. We will do examples for each type of question in the following format:
Week of 2.27
Monday-  Pitch Improver, Book Review
Tuesday- Shmoop
 Wednesday-All FRQs
Friday- FRQ review, Shmoop
I am very proud of your hard work and progress on this. The AP Music Theory exam is one of the most involved exams, and I am impressed by how focused you all have been in preparing. 
Make sure you check out the links below to get some extra practice on the exam!!

Here are some important links. Check them out!!
Pitch Improver (the sight singing game we use as bellwork)

Shmoop (Endless opportunities to practice AP skills, ACT prep, and anything else you need)
The Central Magnet PTO Page (some of our main supporters in all we do!!)

Recent Posts

Jazz Listening: Three Views of a Secret

Take a few minutes out of your day, sit down and listen to this track start to finish. 

Listening for the week of 1/23

All of the jazz students should be listening to this recording of Lester Leaps In, as well as the arrangement we are playing.  Use the listening rubric to form some opinions!

Jazz listening assignment 1. Listen to THE recording of our tune Alamode, and then answer the questions of the rubric. Be ready to talk about it on Thursday.
Lets get nerdy on some Hard Bop folks.

This weeks listening

Listening for this week

Find the whole album and listen. Now listen again


Jazz Links section is live

The jazz links section of the site is live. In it you will find links to great bands playing our tunes, as well as some school bands playing our exact arrangements. I want you to take the time to listen to these videos, especially the school band examples. We will discuss these during class, and I want you to be able to talk about strengths and weaknesses of each performance.
Going to be fun!