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Sarah Esberger, English II Advanced Honors, English III AP, and Writing Lab

Welcome to the new website! Important links are on the right-hand column. 
Contact Me: (615) 904-6789 ext. 23337
My Schedule
1st: English II Advanced
2nd: Planning
3rd: English II Advanced
4th: English III AP
5th: Writing Lab
6th: English III AP
7th: Study Hall 

Recent Posts

Summer Reading

Hi, all! I hope your summer reading is going well! For upcoming AP students, I thought I'd recommend that you actually listen to Trevor Noah's book if you choose Born a Crime. He does the reading, and it's quite an engaging performance. See you soon!  

Senior Summer Reading

For my former AP students, here is your summer reading. I cannot wait to see what amazing work you do with your senior theses. Please come visit me to talk over your ideas in the writing lab next year! 

Summer Reading for English III AP

If you plan to take AP next year, please start early on Thank You for Arguing. It reads like a textbook (but funny!), so it's okay to read some here and there. I recommend reading it throughout the end of May and all of June. 
Be careful in choosing your book of choice. Research carefully in case the content is offensive to you (language, etc.). I encourage you to read something beyond what is familiar to you. I recommend reading these books in July/beginning of August. You will want to think about how the ideas from Thank You for Arguing apply to your book of choice. 
We will be working with both texts as soon as we return in August. 
I love AP English and am looking forward to a great year! 

Summer Reading for 10th Grade

This list is for honors and advanced honors. Please read How to Read Literature like a Professor first, and then you can think about how its concepts apply to your book of choice. 
I'm looking forward to meeting you in the fall! 


Thank you to all of my classes for a fun and thought-provoking year! I wish you all adventurous and daydream-filled summers!