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Sarah Reynolds, English II Honors, Advanced Honors


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The Lady or the Tiger Questions


1) How does the author show that the king is semi-barbaric? With support from the text, explain in one sentence how he is barbaric, and in another sentence, how he is civilized, or progressive?

2) When the author states that the king “was greatly given to self-communing,” what does this say about the way he rules?

3) Break sentence four of paragraph one into its individual parts (divided by a semi-colon). Explain what is being discussed in each part of the sentence and explain the purpose of separating the sentence in this way. How does the structure of this sentence help you to better understand the character of the king?

4) Drawing on the text, describe the king’s method of administering justice within the arena.

5) What characteristics does the king’s daughter share with her father?

6) Why doesn’t the king approve of the youth’s love for his daughter? What clues from the text make this clear?

7) According to the story, “No matter how the affair turned out, the youth would be disposed of.” What does this mean? Would justice have been administered fairly? Why or why not?

8) Why do you think the young man trusts the princess to save his life? Drawing from the text, explain how he knows that she will guide him to choose the right door.

9) The princess experiences many “grievous reveries” about the fate of her lover. How do you think these influenced her decision?

Night Socratic Seminar

1/30  Night Socratic Seminar preparation. Please read the instructions at the top of the page. These questions should be completed before class on Tuesday (Even Block) or Wednesday (Odd Block) in preparation for our upcoming Socratic Seminar. 
Double entry journals are due on this day as well. 

Final questions for the Third Wave

These questions should be answered under your notes about The Third Wave. I will take them up on Monday.
  • What lesson should we learn from reading about The Third Wave? What is the moral of the story? What information can/should we apply to our own lives or thought processes moving forward?
  • What aspects or ideas can/should we keep in mind while reading and reflecting on Night? Will reading about The Third Wave change the way that you view those who take part in the atrocities we read about in Night? Why or why not?