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Sarah Esberger, English II Advanced Honors, English III AP, and Writing Lab

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Welcome! Check your completion grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. 


Students and parents can access our daily activities, materials, and homework via our class Teams pages. If you are quarantined, you can check Teams each day for what you missed and a class recording of that lesson. I have also included an overview of the upcoming week below. 

My Schedule
1st: AP Language and Composition
2nd: Planning
3rd: English II Advanced
4th: AP Language and Composition
5th: AP Language and Composition
6th: Writing Lab I and II
7th: English II Advanced
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4-7 January

AP English
We will go over the MC from the midterm in groups and reflect. We will also sign up and begin essay conferences. 
We will review our goals from the first semester and choose 3 new ones. 
We will introduce modes of development with in-class activities and apply these to our justice unit writings, which we will work on this week. 
English II Adv.
We will go over the MC from the midterm in groups and reflect. We will also begin conferencing over our informational essays. We will review our goals from the first semester and choose 3 new ones. We will work on our informational pages. 

6-10 December

English II Advanced Honors
We will review informational writing expectations for TNReady, write an informational essay, and peer score. On Friday, we will have our final author's chair of the semester! This will be the last chance to publish fear narratives. 
AP English
We will continue brainstorming and pre-writing for the justice unit writing. We will also review the two types of essays that we have written this semester and choose one to write in class. On Friday, you will have the opportunity to share community unit writings. You can share if you need to publish or if you already have done so. 

29 November - 3 December

English II Advanced
This week we reviewed oreo-cookie quoting and MLA citations. Then, we went over the power and freedom unit writing. We also looked at informational mentor texts and began developing topics and research questions. We also went to the library to learn about how to find sources and determine their credibility. 
HW: Continue working on your grade letter. 
AP English Language and Composition 
This week we went over each group's textbook readings and then went over expectations for the seminar. We had our justice seminar and completed a reflection. If you missed it, the make-up will be during C/D lunches on Monday. We also went over our justice unit writing assignment and began brainstorming. 
1. Finish/publish community unit writing. 
2. Work on grade letter. 

September 13-17

AP: We will go over CEO and work on group ad presentations. Then we will present. 
For homework: Continue working on narrative letters and reading book of choice. BOC form is due Monday. 
10th: We will discuss "The Fall of the House of Usher" and then go over our fear narrative assignment. We will also have our first author's chair.
For homework: "The Fall of the House of Usher" will be due Monday/Tuesday. Continue work on narrative letters. 

August 30-September 3

AP: We will finish any remaining SOAPSTone presentations and our analysis of the graduation speech. We will begin work with King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail." We will begin work on an ad analysis project and complete our second goals reflection. 
10th: We will finish our summer reading presentations and read the short story "The Chaser" in class to practice our analysis. We will also document strategies from our books. For homework, we will read King's "Why We Crave Horror Movies" and discuss it in class. We will also have a grammar lesson on participial phrases, complete our 2nd goals reflection, and hopefully have some time for our first writer's block. 

I love Lisa Simpson and relate to her so much, but this mentality is part of why I'm not using points to score students anymore. 
May 3-7
Get snacks for $1 each from Mrs. Esberger's room - 337 in the annex. 
ALL proceeds go to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library/Rutherford County's Books from Birth program. Extra donations are appreciated! 

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