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Rain/Snow Day Schedule Adjustments

Monday 2/10 will be an even block day. The rest of the week will proceed as normal.
1-7 on Tuesday
Odd on Wednesday
Even on Thursday
1-7 on Friday
AP: Even classes will have some time to catch up on assignments on Monday as you would have had on Thursday.
Our education book of choice meeting will take place on Tuesday.
The Newsday Tuesday will now be a Newsday Friday
Sophomores, bring your book on Tuesday to start Julius Caesar

AP Infographics

3rd Period
1. Leah C, Kaleia B, John Tristan, Tripp K, and Braden H
2. Lily Beth woods , Grace Beane , Gage Swanson, Sebastian Galbreath, Ella Cheseney , Webb Dodson, Annabelle
3. Eli Bunyi, Jake Harris, Matthew Givens, Caden Holmes, Sam Apigian
4. Kenny, Edward, Gabe, Alex, Dylan, Allison, Aedin
4th Period
1. Tucker Bartch, Mason Hall, Brendan O'Bryan, Eli Horton
2. Charlie Davis, Erin Chippeaux, Danielle DeFonce, David McBride
3. Elizabeth Nobel, Malak Abdelrahman, Makayla Lattin, Carrie Waugh, and Hasset Michael
4. Corey, Kaylin, Kailey, Jeremy, and Alex
5. Russell, Abby, Wills, Jorge, Georgia, Tyler
6th Period
1.Kanton Cook, Abby Eller, Kaitlyn Kassees, Sydney Petty, Sierra Seagraves
2. River Plummer, Emma Simpson, Emma Wayne, Suren Shah, Mikey Pletan, Kevin Call
3. Sierra Ferguson, Isabella Urquia, Emma Gillespie, Emily Lewis
4. Anna Jones, Tricia LaMorte, Lizbeth Lozano, Jordan Martin, Nicole Speyrer, and Alyssa Williams
5. Ian, Catherine, Andy, Mike, Eddy, Austin

Multiple Choice Practice

AP students, several of you have been asking for more multiple choice practice. 
You may use AlbertIO to join our class. The code is 339NH9NEIR9Q. 

AP MC Remediation Instructions

  • Everyone must complete up to eight MC revisions. If you missed fewer than eight questions, you do not have to do all eight. You may discuss with the people in your group.
  • For each question you missed, put the number of the question and answer the following:
  1. What was the question asking for? What skill was being assessed?
  2. What is the correct answer? What evidence supports this answer?
  3. What wrong answer did you put, and what did you either not know or what about the answer distracted you to get the wrong answer?

After you finish your corrections, complete a self-reflection. What did you learn about your test-taking strengths and weaknesses? Which strategies can you learn and employ from peers who scored better? If you scored well, what strategies likely contributed to that success?