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Lisa Meek » Syllabus


8th Grade

Science Syllabus

 1st 9 weeks

            8.PS2.3 Position, forces, and direction (velocity and acceleration)

8.PS2.4 Newton’s Second Law

8.PS2.5 Newton’s Third Law

8.PS4.1 Basic properties of waves

8.PS4.2 Mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves

8.PS2.2 Non-contact forces

8.PS2.1 Magnetism and electricity

8.ETS1.1 Optimal solution design: electromagnets

2nd 9 weeks

            8.PS4.3 Waves and communication systems

            8.ESS1.1 The universe and its stars

8.ESS1.2 Gravity, celestial motion, and tides

8.ETS1.2 Technology, the solar system, and the universe

8.ESS2.2 Seismic waves and Earth’s structure

8.ESS2.4 Plate movement and convection cycles

8.ESS2.5 Processes of plate tectonics

8.ESS3.2  Natural hazards: volcanoes and earthquakes


3rd 9 weeks

            8.ESS2.3 Rocks: processes and forces

            8.ESS3.1 Tectonic plates and resource distribution

8.ESS2.1 Biogeology: extinction events

8.LS4.1 Fossil record

8.LS4.2 Evidence of common ancestry

8.LS4.3 Phenotypic variation


4th 9 weeks

            8.LS4.4 Natural selection

8.LS4.5 Technology and artificial selection

            Review Testing

State Testing

STEM Investigations/End-of-Year Activities



            Grades will be based on a point system.  The categories for grades are as follows:







            Entering the classroom

  •     Enter quietly!
  •     Be on time.
  •     Sit in assigned seat
  • Seating chart
    •     You must remain in assigned seat unless changed by the teacher
  • Daily Questions
    •     DQ will be questions about what we have covered in the previous class. Later it will include review questions from previous standards.
    •     This will be a classwork grade accumulated for the week. We will discuss the answers so everyone should have the correct answer when it is turned in. 
  • Turning in assignments
    •     Once your assignment is complete in TEAMS make sure to click the turn in button.

If we have paper assignments:

  •     After completing class work, turn your paper in with your name on it into the “IN” box for your class period.
  •     If working on group work: After the group completes the assignment, your spy will collect all work and turn it into the “IN” box for your class period.
  •     If turning in homework (next day): Turn in homework as soon as you get in the room (first thing) into the “turn In tray” for your class period.
  • Absent/missing work
    •     You have five days to get your work turned in after you return to school.
    •     If you are absent, check TEAMS for work we did while you were out.
    •     If you know you are going to be absent, please let me know ahead of time.
  • Sharpening pencils
    •     Sharpen pencils before class begins (before Bell Work- first thing).
    •     If you need to sharpen your pencil during class, raise your hand before getting out of your seat and ask to sharpen your pencil.
    •     To prevent getting up to sharpen your pencil, always bring an extra.
  • Throwing away trash/paper
    • If you need to throw away trash or recycle paper during class, keep it until the end of class to throw away as you are going out the door (unless otherwise instructed). We DO NOT get dismissed until the room is clean.
    •     Group work/ Labs
    •     You will have a seating chart for groups, and your group will be numbered according to the number at each science lab table.

Team Roles



Leaders decide the direction of the research & keeps members on task.


All members participate in quick & accurate research; this may include Action Research.


The Spy moves around to collect ideas from other groups and reports findings.


Synthesizes information & writes in a clear, professional & presenter-friendly format.


Speaks clearly, can be heard by entire audience, makes eye contact, demonstrates professionalism.

    •     Exiting the Classroom
  •     Please use the door at the front of the room to exit.  
  • Computers
    •     Stay on task while on your computer (only be on the activities I have assigned)
  • Science Tests

Tests will be given through Masteryconnect.

Retakes- will be given 1 week from the original test day.  Retake activity must be completed before you can take the retake.

     Cell Phones

  • You may only be on your cell phone or device when instructed by your teacher.