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AP Microeconomics

AP Micro is only offered in the Spring semester! Double-Check to be sure you are in the right course!
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Course Description
AP Microeconomics is the study of specific Market Structures and how businesses (a.k.a. Firms) behave within those boundaries. In the course, we will examine how businesses maximize profits and calculate costs of production, determine the market prices and quantities of goods in different market structures (such as Monopolies, Oligopolies, and Factor Markets), and determine inefficient or efficient levels of production by firm.
The course also explores societal and private costs of production, economic inequities in a society, and how market inefficiencies can be corrected by government intervention.
Course Goal
The focus of the course is to prepare students for the AP Microeconomics exam administered by College Board. Students will develop graphing and analytical skills to be able to correctly answer questions about the firms in the market.
Students should regularly check their 'Skyward' pages for grades, feedback, and information about their submitted coursework.
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