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This Week's Meeting of the Federal Reserve

As wee study Monetary Policy this last two weeks, the current meeting of the Fed and its projected decision to keep interest rates steady should be a really interesting connection for students to explore.
Here is a great article covering that Fed meeting from the NY Times:

Argentina Right Now: Costs of Inflation and the Importance of Keeping It Low

What's the worst that could happen if inflation keeps rising? Well listen to what is happening in Argentina right now. A short but real-world lived experience of living with triple-digit inflation.

Indicators Say...No Recession?

The most recent economic report has come out and features many of the topics we discuss in class this year. Students could benefit from skimming the report analysis by the New York Times and see some of the concepts we discuss in a real world setting.

What happened to Silicon Valley Bank?

Having studied the banking sector and how it operates, students should be able to understand many of the key elements of why the bank failed. Here is a very Macro friendly and topically relevant look at the why the bank failed.

Changes in Global Shipping

An very interesting snippet from NPR's economics group that discusses many facets of what we have been talking about in Macro and Micro this semester. For macro, it talks about the changes in demand inherent in a market and how that effects a good/service. For micro, there' a discussion of global trade and the incidence of a increased cost. Very short report but well wroth your time.

Ample Reserves, Monetary Policy, and Inflationary Expectations

Today were are beginning our lessons on the new Ample Reserves curricula that was added to AP Macro this year. Coincidentally, we are also seeing it in action with the current increases in the Federal Reserve's administered interest rates.
This article from the New York Times highlights the current efforts of the Fed to tackle persistent inflation as well as how they are using administered rates to do so. Well worth the read for students!

Avoiding full cost of Inflation

I alluded to this link in several classes this week, but this graphic by the New York Times illustrates the idea that people do not often pay the full measure of inflation, but may avoid some cost increases through their consumption habits/choices.

Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Interest Rates around the World

How are countries around the world responding to inflation? Many central banks are raising interest rates to slow down inflation. Read all about it here and we'll talk about in Macro!

Calculate Your Own Inflation Rate

Curious how inflation affects you personally? This helpful graphic from the NYT can help you figure it out. We will be talking about inflation and purchasing power in Macro so check it out!

Economics of Wolves

Listened to an interesting broadcast on NPR and the show talked about the economics of having wolves in an area to control deer, limit deer-to-vehicle collisions, and create economic benefits to the community. It makes for a good study break listen while not totally leaving the realm of economics