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Andrea Argo, Wellnes & Physical Education

Welcome to CMS Wellness and Physical Education.  We work hard to promote lifetime
health, wellness, and physical activity.  We emphasize the importance physical, mental &
emotional, and social health through out the Wellness course.  Physical Education is a 
semester of movement, cooperation, and the promotion of lifetime sports and activity.
Bring your mind, body, and tennis shoes. Now lets get started! 
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Recent Posts

Gym Week: Feb 4-8th

Mon / Tues: Library Computer Lab STD Projects
                     Reproductive System & Life Cycle
Wed/Thurs: Mobil Computer Lab - Work on Projects
FRI: Possible OH4M make-up lesson

Fitness Testing

Week of October 22-26th 
Sit and Reach
Push-ups / Sit-ups
Shuttle Run
Pacer Test

This Week - 8/13 - 8/17

Mon - Intro to soccer / Pick country
Tues - Finish country details / begin skills
Wed / Thurs - Practice with teams
Friday -  Practice / scrimmage
NEXT WEEK: World Cup Soccer Tournament

Supply List:
*Tennis Shoes
* Athletic shorts (finger tip length) or
  Athletic pants
*Appropriate T-shirts 
     - no tanks, sleeveless, or racerbacks
* 1/2 in Notebook 
*  Paper
*  Note cards


MID-TERM review in the auditorium on Fri 12/15/17
Not dressing out.
Gym closed next week for construction.
See review below