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Gene Cowart » AP Psychology Summer Work

AP Psychology Summer Work

Psychology Summer Work 2020

  • AP Psychology Summer Work: Analyzing Studies that Changed Psychology

    Read the research articles, “The One the Many” and “Little Emotional Albert” then write a review analyzing each at article. The essays should be in paragraph form using Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing is double spaced.  The minimum for each review is 750 words. You need to label each section, Description, Significance, Criticisms, and Applications. Summer work will be due at the end of the first week when we return (Aug.21st) and be submitted on Microsoft TEAMS.


    The Analytical Writing assignment is meant to measures your ability to:

    • articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively
    • support ideas with relevant reasons and examples
    • examine claims and accompanying evidence
    • sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion
    • control the elements of standard written English


    You may want to use the following questions to help you develop and analyze each concept.

    1. Description of design/setup of the study: How was the study conducted? What did the researchers do?
    1. Significance of the study to the understanding of psychology: ​ What were the results of the study?  What did it prove about human behavior/ mental processes? Did it go against any previous theories?        
    2. Criticisms/Subsequent Research: ​ Which of the criticisms stated do you agree with most?  Explain.  Do you have any criticisms of your own to add?  What other research has been done to follow up on this study? (Note not all studies will have clear criticisms.  Make note of that in your response and fully discuss the subsequent research)          
    3. Applications:  How does this study relate to you?  Have you experienced/seen something similar?  Can you think of an important current event that relates to this study? How can it expand on future research in this field?