4th Period Instructions for 9/19

4th Period
1. Prepare to write your in-class rhetorical analysis. You may study for a few minutes at the beginning of class. Review a thesis with ARMS and CEW/WHW. You may also get out your rhetorical verbs handout to help you today. Remember that introductions should review the rhetorical situation and state the thesis, but they can be very short. 
2. This is the scoring rubric I will be using to score these essays. You may want to look at this beforehand, too. 
3. Ms. Mitchell will pass out the passage face down. When she says, you will have 50 minutes to write your essay. We are adding 10 minutes to account with our newness to annotating a rhetorical prompt. Make sure to hand-write your essay in pen, as you would on the test.
4. When finished (or when time is up), staple your prompt to your essay, make sure your name is on both, and turn them in on the front table. 
5. There is a sign-up sheet for conferences by the door. Make sure to sign up for a time to read and discuss your paper. 
6. Spend 5-10 minutes discussing how your approached the prompt with your group. What did you write about? What was difficult or easy? 
7. Review the Newsday Tuesday assignment. If you have any questions, write them down for when I return on Friday. 
8. Any time leftover can be spent working on the homework. 
1. Read "If Black English Isn't a Language..." for Friday. This version has a helpful introduction and no typos. :-) 
2. Complete Newsday Tuesday for block day.