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Lauren Fluharty » Attendance and Tardy Policy

Attendance and Tardy Policy

If a student is at home sick, parents may email Melissa Dodd doddme@rcschools.net or Kelli Hogue hoguek@rcschools.net in Attendance to let them know a student is sick.  Or when the student returns to school, the student may bring a note from parent stating their child was sick signed with dates of illness.  


A student may have only 10 Parent Notes for sickness per year according to Rutherford County Policy.  When a student is sick and goes to the Doctor, please bring the Doctor note to Attendance.  There is no limit for the number of Doctor notes.

Sickness is an Excused absence.


If a student has 5 Unexcused absences, a Truancy Letter will be sent to the Parent.  

If a student has 10 Unexcused absences, a Truancy Letter will be sent and a Truancy officer will contact the Parent.


Students must be at school until 11:41 to be counted present for a Full Day.


If a student is Tardy to school, a parent is not required to sign the student in. The student may sign him or herself in. Students will be counted Tardy if not in 1st period class by 8am.


Parents or those authorized on the student Registration card must sign students out in Attendance should a student need to leave before 3.  Please send note or call Attendance if someone not on Registration card is picking up a student before 3.


Always feel free to call Attendance with any attendance questions.

CMS Tardy Policy


Per Semester


1st – Warning

2nd- Warning and parent contact- conference with student

3rd- Referral to Administration for lunch detention

4th- Referral to Administration for after school detention

5th- Referral to Administration for parent conference, possible ISS and further disciplinary action as needed.




**After School Detention will be assigned by Administration (Dr. Guthrie).