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Lauren Fluharty » Summer Work--Integrated I

Summer Work--Integrated I

Congratulations on qualifying for Integrated I Math!  Taking this course as a 7th grader is no small task, and it is important that you understand that you are skipping 7th and 8th grade math, both of which cover very essential skills that will serve as the foundation for much of your math courses to come.  As a result, it is extremely important that you review the following skills and do not rely on class time next year to master these skills, as we will not have time to directly cover these in addition our Integrated I curriculum.  These assignments will be due the first day of class and will count as your first three homework grades (Integers work, Expressions and Equations work, Skills Review Packet).  Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further guidance on what you can be doing to prepare for success next year.  I look forward getting to know you and working with you next year!!
Expressions and Equations
Videos Assignments (choose 2...files linked below)
Writing Equivalent Expressions
Toy Trains
How Much Money?
Home Improvement
Basic Skill Review Packet--complete the packet linked below
What skills/concepts is my child missing by skipping 7th and 8th grade math?
The two documents below outline the 7th and 8th grade math curriculum and will give you an idea of what skills and concepts you will be skipping. The skills in bold are essential skills that are the most important for you to review this summer.  In addition to the outlines, you will also find practice sheets that will help give you an idea of what the skills/concepts mean specifically.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE PACKET BELOW.  IT IS ONLY PROVIDED AS A RESOURCE FOR YOU TO FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH SOME OF THE CONTENT COVERED IN THE 7TH GRADE CURRICULUM OUTLINE.