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Sarah Morris » 21-22 AP Seminar

21-22 AP Seminar

Monday 8/30 Wednesday 9/1 Friday 9/3
  • In class
    • Socratic Seminar discussion of causes/solutions to homelessness - will work in small groups before discussing in larger group
    • Time to work on mini argument paper - assignment on Teams
    • Sign up for writing lab appointments
  • Homework
    • work on mini paper (you'll have time in class on Wednesday)
    • sign up for conference - link posted on Teams around lunch time.
  • In class
    • Time to work on mini paper - half the period
    • Time to work on group presentation - half the period
  • Homework
    • mini paper is due Thursday night
    • Group presentation is due Friday in class
    • Sign up for conference 
  • In class
    • Group presentation- we will film the presentation and then you will watch your presentation and reflect over the weekend. 
    • Take care of weekly feedback - link on teams
If you are absent: work on the mini paper using the notes you took from individual presentations. You can supplement with your own research if you'd like. Sign up for a conference. Email with questions. 
If you are absent: work on the mini paper. Email with questions
If you are absent: take care of your weekly feedback. We'll figure out the presentation portion when you return. Email with questions. 
Open House Google Form - If you have questions, you can fill this out; I'll get back to you in a few days
Syllabus - Parents, please fill out the link at the end of the syllabus. 
*You can find class assignments on Teams.*