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Jason Nabors, Latin


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UT Latin Day Info

The schedule and application for UT Latin Day is posted on the JCL website (look for the link entitled "Latin Day 2018" on the right) along with instructions for signing up to go.  Central Magnet JCL

Salvete Discipuli Parentesque!

I am looking forward to another stellar year as your Central Magnet Latin teacher.  I am looking forward to helping returning students in intermediate and advanced Latin, and I am also very excited to meet the students just starting their journey into the classics with beginning Latin. 

Central Magnet JCL 1st place at TJCL!

Central Magnet won first place in Division AA for the second consecutive year at the TJCL Convention at APSU on April 20th.  Nearly all delegates placed in at least one event, and the school placed 4th for its chapter T-shirt.  

Frist's "Rome: City and Empire" Abruptly Ends!

The British Museum has called back its artifacts that were loaned to the Frist Center for the Arts for the "Rome:  City and Empire" exhibit.  The exhibit was supposed to run until May 28, and we had planned a field trip to see it.  Reasons given for the abrupt cancellation of the exhibit were concerns about construction in the downtown area.  I am guessing that the risk that the construction poses to the priceless Roman artifacts in terms of potential vibrations or in the event of a catastrophic accident (crane collapse onto the museum) was simply too great to allow the Frist to continue on with the exhibit.  In fact some artifacts have already been taken off display and stored for the voyage back to the United Kingdom. The exhibit will close on Saturday.  The museum is offering free admission to all (adults and children on Friday).  If at all possible, don't miss this opportunity to see Roman artifacts that are usually seen only in London.

Retracing the steps of Jason and the Argonauts

Somewhat dated documentary, but still a great examination of the myth and how archaeologists and classicists look for the elements of truth in mythological stories. Also a good presentation of customs and traditions of the Georgian people, the descendants of the legendary Colchians.

Frist Center's Rome Exhibit from the British Museum

The Frist center will display many artifacts from ancient Rome from the collection of the British Museum. This is the only stop for this exhibit and will not be coming anywhere else in the United States.

A Minecraft version of the Forum Romanum

A Minecraft version of the Forum Romanum, complete with subtitled Latin commentary.

Mythology Review

For the test tomorrow, you should have read chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook.  Know the 9 muses by name and function, know the genealogy of the gods from Chaos through the Titanomachy, when the Olympians rise to prominence.
Sample Questions:
Which of the 9 Muses inspired dancers? historians? astronomers?
Who was the mother of Uranus?
What was the Greek word for the goddess "Mother Earth"?
What was the Roman name for Cronus?
How did the Titans establish dominance over their father?
How did the Olympians defeat the Titans?