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Zaira Kime » Summer Assignment (Spanish 2 Students Only)

Summer Assignment (Spanish 2 Students Only)

Dear Students, 
It has been an honor and a privilege to be your teacher. You have worked so hard, and I am very proud of the progress you have made. The end of this school year has certainly been unlike any other. I sure miss you! I would like to thank you and your families for pulling together and making distance learning work so well for the vast majority. You have impressed me with your consistence, commitment, and 'always my best' approach no matter the circumstances. You are now ready to take on Spanish II, and I am excited for the learning ahead. I will definitely consider the peculiarity of 4th quarter when planning the first weeks of the course.  If you have not been in my class yet, but will be joining us next school year, know that I am very excited to have you, and look forward to our time exploring my native language together. Below, you will find a list of summer activities that I would like for you to do in preparation for our class next school year. !Nos vemos en agosto!
Even thought this summer your travels won't be as far and your traditions might be modified, it is my hope that you find plenty of opportunities to make precious summertime memories. Unplug, take family bike rides, read  fun books, go stargazing, take a hike, search for seashells, learn about a different culture (and make a meal to match!), go to a drive in movie theater, spend an afternoon writing a story with your siblings or friends, go camping (backyard camping counts!), play board games, run through the sprinkler, make lemonade, lie in the grass and look for pictures in the clouds, paint rocks, pick fresh berries at a local farm, create an ice cream bracket for the summer, make s'mores, learn a new card game, keep a sketch book of any cool things you see,  swim, jump into the lake, help your mom and dad with a house project, watch fireworks, keep a journal of your summer adventures, go for a run, jump on the trampoline,  and...read a book in Spanish! 
Read 'Pobre Ana baila tango' (PDF attached), and answer the questions in 'Forms' (see links below).
Due first day of school (100 points).
Attached you can also find grammar notes on the preterite and imperfect tense (past tense) for you to check so you can better understand novel. 
Note: If you are having any difficulties accessing the files or forms, please contact me at kimez@rcschools.net
!Feliz Verano estudiantes! 
Summer Blessings, and see you in August.
Profe Kime