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Zaira Kime » Enrichment Spanish Websites

Enrichment Spanish Websites

This website is an incredible tool that can be used for any type of flashcard, game, grammar, or vocabulary practice. Most of the content is free!

Quizlet has flashcard stacks where your vocabulary or grammar can be quizzed easily and effectively. If you connect to my class, you can see the stacks I have already prepared for you to help with quizzes and tests. You can also do a search to see what other people have created. https://quizlet.com/profekime/classes
A comprehensive review website set up with practices, quizzes, and tests with feedback. Covers grammar from Spanish 1 to upper levels

This website is an incredible tool that can be used for any type of flashcard, game, grammar, or vocabulary practice. Click on "free games" at the top.

This is a vocab game, and for each correct answer it donates grains of rice to a country who needs it! Such a great way to practice and help the mundo!

(password = elvis). Please use this link for any and all reference or school-related research. It is an incredible wealth of knowledge!

Our Library has an amazing set of resources. Check them out!

PowerSpeak Languages is GREAT for vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar review and building. 

Libros gratis – clásicos, fábulas - https://www.muchoscuentos.com/

Libros de niños (como Disney, etc) - https://elestudiantedigital.com/libros-en-pdf-para-ninos/

Libros infantiles - https://www.colorincolorado.org/es/libros-autores/libros-para-ni%C3%B1os

Newspapers and Magazines en español:
CNN en español:                                                      www.cnn.com/espanol 
BBC Mundo                                                                www.bbcmundo.com 
Radio Naciones Unidas                                               www.un.org/radio.es 
El mundo Newspaper                                                     www.elmundo.com 
El País Newspaper                                                             www.elpais.com 
Spanish Newspaper Index                                      www.prensaescrita.com
Spanish Magazine Index               www.latindex.com/prensa/esp-mag.htm 
High-school Spanish articles                     www.tweentribune.com/spanish
MSN en español                    http://noticias.latino.msn.com/latinoamerica/ 
Nuevos Horizontes                                           www.nuevoshorizontes.org 
Univisión television                                                        www.univision.com
Radio Television Española                                              www.rtve.es
Moda magazine (Vogue)                                                      www.vogue.es 
People en español                                          https://peopleenespanol.com/
Movies and Documentaries in Spanish or about Spanish Culture:
Zipi y Zape y la isla del capitán
El libro de la vida
McFarland USA
The Road to El dorado
Colombia, wild magic
Living on one dollar