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English IV Honors

2021 2nd Nine Weeks Honors IV Course Schedule

Long-Term Assignments are highlighted in Yellow

Thesis Assignments and Due Dates are highlighted in Blue

Daily/Homework Assignment ARE NOT Listed

Week 1

October 12                 Response 1: Based on your own observations and readings, define villain. What differentiates a villain from a monster? What, if any, is the common thread between heroes and villains?

                                    Monsters and Villains Unit Introduction; Introduction to Macbeth

October 13                 Alternate schedule (e.g. pre-bubble/Introduction and ROL/Survey Development)

October 14                 Macbeth (Bring your books); Introduction to Monsters and Villains Project


Week 2

October 19                 ACT

October 20                Macbeth

October 22                Propaganda Posters and 1984 projects due; in-class reflection


Week 3

October 26                Response 2: Is evil inherent in human nature? That is, are some people just “born evil,” or is evil caused by circumstance or environment?  Is redemption truly possible? Is it possible to commit an act of genuine evil and truly recover from it?

                                     Complete this response by Thursday.  200-word minimum, include claim, evidence, warrant 



October 28                Macbeth

October 29                Macbeth


Week 4

November 2              Macbeth Test;

November 4              Introduction to Beowulf; Thesis Workday

November 5              Beowulf; Boast Assignment

                                    Mentor meetings and surveys must be completed


Week 5

November 9              Beowulf; Work on Boast Assignment

November 11             No School – Veteran’s Day

November 12             Beowulf

Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 2: Review of Literature due to Turnitin.com by 11:59


Week 6

November 16             Beowulf  Test

Response 3: Are our lives determined by fate, or by the acts of our free will?

November 18             Chapter 3: Methodology introduction; Thesis conferences

November 19            Thesis conferences


Week 7

November 23            TV and Movie Monsters and Villains Project Workday:


Week 8

 Nov 30                       Response 4: Do “the ends justify the means”? That is, if one uses morally evil methods                                       to acquire a goal, is that goal forever tainted or polluted by the actions one has taken                                         to  achieve it?


TV and Movie Monsters and Villains Project Workday

December 2               Presentations

December 3               Presentations


Week 9

December 7               Presentations

December 9               Presentations

December 10             Presentations; FOSA and Writing Lab Appointments Completed


Week 10 – Exam Week


Biomed, Psychology, and Systematic:


Chapter 3 and Revised Chapters 1 and 2 submitted (revisions MUST BE

highlighted) by December 17 11:59 p.m.


Engineering and Product:

Chapter 3, Section 1 (Conceptual Design) and Chapters 1 and 2 (revisions MUST BE

highlighted) submitted by December 17 11:59 p.m.