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Melanie Thomas, English

The Importance of Formatting
Please do not wait until the weekend before your Thesis is due to work on formatting and your Preliminary Pages.  These elements are not difficult, but they are tedious and time-consuming.  Give yourself at least 4 days to work on formatting and your Preliminary Pages (including the Table of Contents).
Consider using the Writing Lab to help with any last minute issues on your Thesis.  We will have one last Thesis Work Day on Monday, March 5th.

“Deadlines just aren't real to me until I'm staring one in the face.” 
― Rick RiordanThe Lightning Thief




The Central Magnet School Humanities Thesis Symposium will take place on campus, on April 9-12, 2018.  In order to finalize the schedule for the Symposium, ALL Humanities Thesis students must click on and complete the following form; the deadline for submission is February 28, 2018.  Please read the form carefully and consider your answers before submitting.


The sign-up sheet for the Humanities mini-conferences is on my front door.  Students completing a Humanities Thesis are required to sign up for and attend a mini-conference.  So far, about half of you have completed a conference.  
The 2/23 deadline is the LAST one before your FINAL thesis project is due. 
Be proud of your accomplishments!
Next Deadline: 2/23: Psychology and Bio-Med: Discussion. Humanities: Conclusions and Revised Introductions (please highlight or redline any changes made to your Introduction, so that I can identify your revisions).  Engineering: Testing and Analysis
3/19: Psychology, Bio-Med, Humanities: Formal, final draft, bound.  Engineering: website finalized.
4/9-12: Thesis Conference (Humanities)
Want to help out next year's Senior Class? Consider participating in the Junior Thesis Bootcamp: share your thesis stories and tips.  Your guidance can be invaluable!  See me if you're interested.
Don't forget to take advantage of the expertise your mentors have to offer!  Make sure you're keeping in touch with them.  And remember: mentors do communicate in more ways than just email.  Call them sometime; they would be happy to talk with you the old fashioned way!
Suggested Thesis Benchmarks (for the Humanities):
1.  10/27: Introduction (required)
2.  11/20: methodology outlined: surveys prepared and vetted for bias.  Focus groups identified and questions drafted; interview subjects identified and tentative interview schedule set.  Interview questions drafted.
3.  12/1: rough draft, review of lit completed 
4.  12/20: methodology reviewed: all surveys, focus groups, interviews completed.  
5.  1/10: rough draft, creative element of thesis (those creating music, literature, art, etc.) 
6.  January, 2018: possible return trip to MTSU.