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Melanie Thomas » Melanie Thomas, AP English Literature and Composition

Melanie Thomas, AP English Literature and Composition

Writing Assignment
Your first timed essay is due at 11:59 p.m. (via Turnitin.com) on Monday, August 20th; it will be handed out in class tomorrow.  Please make sure you abide by the honor code in allotting no more than 40 minutes to complete the essay.  In completing the essay, remember what we've discussed in class this week: what is the poem about, what does it mean, and what's the point?
Week 1 (August 8-10): COMPLETE!
8/8: collect summer reading assignment (please bring your annotated book for submission); issue textbooks; review norms and procedures
8/9: assign poetry journal and literary terms study guide.  Last day to collect summer reading assignment.
8/10: assign summer reading lesson plan/rubric; the AP exam, an overview
Week 2 (August 13-17)

8/13: Multiple Choice Monday.  HW: Read pp. 19-37 of your textbook

8/14: An introduction to close reading.  HW: Read “Introduction to Poetry (p. 10), “Learning to Read (p. 12), “Traveling through the Dark” (p. 57)

8/15-16: Close reading.  HW: Read pp. 41-55 of your textbook.

8/17: Close reading.  HW: take home essay (40 min, timed).  HW: Thesis Due Date: CHECK HANDBOOK

Week 3 (August 20-24)
8/20: MCM.  HW: Read pp. 92-102 of your textbook.
8/21: A Doll's House
8/22-23: A Doll's House
8/24: A Doll's House (prep for in-class essay: review HATMAT, thesis drafting, developing issue sentences)
Week 4 (August 27-31)
8/27: MCM
8/28: In-class essay (A Doll's House) (40 min, timed)
8/29-30: Writing workshop: thesis, Common App, and College Resume (peer review and individual conferencing)
8/31: Finalizing thesis problem statements/hypotheses, Common App, College Resume
Week 5 (September 3-7)
9/3: No school, Labor Day
9/4: Close reading analysis of character development. Thesis Due Date: CHECK HANDBOOK
9/5-6: Summer reading group workshop (lesson plan preparation).  HW: take home essay (40 min, timed)
9/7: Close reading analysis of figurative language. 
Week 6 (September 10-14)
9/10: MCM.  HW: Read pp. 85-91 of your textbook.  Also read the following poems in your textbook: "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant" (p. 2), "When my love sweats that she is made of truth" (p. 3), "Out, Out" (p. 13)
9/11: Close reading analysis of theme
9/12-13: Open Dates (9/13 is a half-day)
9/14: Library: working on Thesis Outlines
Week 7 (September 17-21)
9/17: MCM
9/18: Thesis Due Date: CHECK HANDBOOK.  In-class essay (40 min, timed)
9/19-20: Summer Reading presentations
9/21: Summer Reading presentations
Week 8 (September 24-28)
9/24: Literary Terms workshop
9/25: Literary Terms application test
9/26-27: Q1 Poetry Workshop (poetry journals due 9/27)
We will be reading A Doll's House during Quarter 1.  Here's a free link to Project Gutenberg's copy of the play:
We will be reading Macbeth during Quarter 2.  Here's a free link to the Folger Shakespeare Library's copy of Macbeth:
We will be reading The Importance of Being Earnest during Quarter 3.  Here's a free link to Project Gutenberg's copy of the play:
We will be reading The Sun Also Rises in Quarter 3.  Want some historical context?  Read this Vanity Fair article about the true story behind the novel:
The Kindle edition of the novel is now available for $3.55 on Amazon!
The Kindle edition of Mrs. Dalloway (we will be reading this in Quarter 2) is now available for only $1.99 on Amazon!