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Melanie Thomas » Melanie Thomas, AP English Literature and Composition

Melanie Thomas, AP English Literature and Composition

  • "Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic."

    —Frank Herbert, Dune

Week 1
October 8: Review Literary Terms Test; assign Literary Terms part 2.  Review second term assignments (including Thesis)
October 9/11: APA and MLA presentation (Thesis)-- led by Mrs. Roland
October 10: Visual Literacy: "The Kiss;" "Short Story on a Painting of Gustav Klimt
October 12: Visual Literacy: "Gassed;" "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte"  HW: assign historical context research; arrange group assignments.
Week 2
October 15: In class read, pp. 3-21 of Mrs. Dalloway (note: from here until the book concludes, students are expected to read 15 pages of this novel per night, excluding weekends).
October 16: ACT
October 17/18: Library (historical context assignment).  HW: complete historical context research
October 19: Senior Field Trip.  
Week 3
October 22: MCM (first this term)
October 23: Historical context presentations 
October 24/25: Workshop: read "May Day," and excerpts from "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" and Demon Camp". HW: Thesis Due Date 10/26 (Check handbook for submission requirements) 
October 26: In-class outline.  HW: peer review outline.  At this point, students should be through page 125 of Mrs. Dalloway.
Week 4
October 29: MCM
October 30: Thesis Work Day
October 31/November 1: Poetry Workshop, Day 1.  Read: “The Dream” by Siegfried Sassoon; “In Flanders Field” by John McRae; “To My Brother” by Vera Brittain; and “The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke. 
November 2: Read "Dulce et Decorum Est;" connect visual literacy with written narrative. HW: locate a second WWI poem and post to discussion board.  
Week 5
November 5: Review quotes from Henry James, John Updike, Virginia Woolf.  Ppt: Woolf as modernist author.  HW: Student's Choice: Read "The Garden Party" or "The Dead"
November 6: Election Day, no school.  
November 7/8: In-class read, "The Leaning Tower".  Modernism posters.  HW: students will conclude Mrs. Dalloway.
November 9: In-class essay
Week 6
November 12: MCM. HW: Read "Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot." 
November 13: Harkness table prep, Mrs. Dalloway
November 14/15: Harkness table (1st and 5th period only)
November 16: Thesis Work Day (all methodology initiated); Harkness Table (6th period only)
Week 7
November 19: MCM.  HW: Read "The Witch Mania of King James I."
November 20: Macbeth, introduction.  (NOTE: Macbeth supplemental materials and assignments subject to change)
November 21/22: Thanksgiving
November 23: Thanksgiving
Week 8
November 26: Macbeth, Acts I and II.  HW: Read, "The Yellow Wallpaper"
November 27: Macbeth, continued.
November 28/29: Macbeth, continued.  HW: Read, "The Rules of the Game"
November 30: Macbeth, continued.
Week 9
December 3: Macbeth, Acts III and IV.  HW: Read excerpts from "The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan Scandal."
December 4: Macbeth, continued.
December 5/6: Macbeth, continued.
December 7: Macbeth, continued.
Week 10
December 10: Literary Terms test #2
December 11: Thesis work day
December 12/13: Macbeth, wrap up.  Essay practice!
December 14: Macbeth, in-class essay
We will be reading Macbeth during Quarter 2.  Here's a free link to the Folger Shakespeare Library's copy of Macbeth:
We will be reading The Importance of Being Earnest during Quarter 3.  Here's a free link to Project Gutenberg's copy of the play:
We will be reading The Sun Also Rises in Quarter 3.  Want some historical context?  Read this Vanity Fair article about the true story behind the novel:
The Kindle edition of the novel is now available for $3.55 on Amazon!
The Kindle edition of Mrs. Dalloway (we will be reading this in Quarter 2) is now available for only $1.99 on Amazon!
Summer Reading Project Presentation Schedule (1st period):
Group 1-- Megan
Group 2-- Caroline, Miga, Lindsay
Group 3-- Allison 
Group 4--Dot, Jordyn
Group 5-- Mabel
Group 6--Matthew, Abby, Alexis, Devin
Group 7-- Cimrun
Group 8-- Marilyn
Group 1: Ghaeath, Lawson, Nathan
Group 2-- Jack, Savannah
Group 3-- Otto