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Melanie Thomas » Melanie Thomas, Thesis

Melanie Thomas, Thesis

Thesis Conference Sign-Up Sheet is here!


Please fill out this form no later than March 6, 2019.  Do not complete this form if you are participating in the STEM expo.  This is only for non-STEM students participating in the thesis conference (April 8-10).

Thesis Overview (finalizing your thesis; March/April deadlines)



Upcoming Thesis Deadlines

2/4-2/22: spring Mentor meetings

2/4-2/25: peer reviews and teacher conferences

2/28: Mentor Meeting Verification forms (must acknowledge attendance at both fall and spring conference)

2/28: all five peer review forms are due

3/4: Thesis Body, part 2 (including implications and methodological discussion section).  Revisions to Introduction. Abstract. Conclusion.

3/19: Final, bound thesis DUE

Thesis Peer Review: Spring, 2019

Each student will review the thesis body pages of five of your classmates.  The student will then complete a peer review assessment of that thesis section.  Peer reviews begin on February 4 and conclude February 25.  You may only work on one thesis at a time, to allow for all students to have access to the papers.  All students must participate by providing a hard copy of their 2/1 thesis body submission (without identifying information, e.g., name).  Peer reviews will be anonymous.  The Peer Review form is located on the right-hand side of this course page.

Preliminary Pages are No Joke

In order to timely and successfully complete the Senior Thesis, students should have completed the substantive work on the paper by March 1.  It will take approximately two weeks to make final revisions; complete the Preliminary Pages; fix grammatical, citation and pagination errors; finalize formatting; and have the thesis bound.

Thesis Conferences Begin February 4
Attendance is mandatory and will count for a daily grade.
Remember to use this five step method to help you draft the thesis body
1.  What is the problem/observation I identified?
2.  What steps did I take to research and solve the problem?
3.  What did I find out?  What were my results?
4.  What do I think, now that I have my research completed?
5.  Looking ahead, what are the implications, limitations, future research needed?
Peer Review Form is here!  Please complete and print one form for each of the five thesis papers you review.  Deadline is 2/25.