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Holly Nixdorf » Holly Nixdorf, 7th grade Science

Holly Nixdorf, 7th grade Science

Hello! My name is Holly Nixdorf. I'm originally from Georgia and moved to Tennessee in 2016. I graduated from the University of North Georgia with my Bachelors of Science in Middle Grades Education with a focus in science and math. I have two dogs, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, a crested gecko, and a blue tongue skink. It's a house full! Occasionally the bearded dragon will make an appearance in class!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at nixdorfh@rcschools.net

We're going to have a wonderful year! Go tigers!

Recent Posts

9/21 Study Sessions Next Week

Study sessions for the test are as follows:

Monday: 7:15-7:45, 3:15-4:00
Wednesday: 7:15-7:45, 3:15-4:00
Thursday: 7:15-7:45

If you are staying for an afternoon session, let me know before the day of.

The test will be on the respective block day. Please email me or send me a message on Remind if there are any questions. The Quizizz is an amazing way to predict how you'll do on the test. Remember, you can do it as many times as you want!

9/16 Note Check This Week!

On student's respective block day (Odd: Wednesday, Even: Thursday) there will be a note check. If the notes are typed, they may be emailed to me or printed. If written, I will look at them that way. If they are in any other format that is unable to be printed out I will look at them in class. 

If emailed, please put name and period in email subject.