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Jacob Harper » J. Harper, AP World History | Honors US History

J. Harper, AP World History | Honors US History

AP World History:
We will have a research activity in class on Monday.
You will presenting your brief technological innovations in class today, Tuesday. Also, you have some reading for Wednesday, so be prepared!
Be sure to check the AP World History Podcasts page for your next podcast assignment, due Friday, September 22nd
Know the following individuals within the classical period. Each of them is either specifically stated or implied within the standards:
Cyrus the Great
Kong Fuzi
Alexander the Great
Qin Shi Huangdi
Paul of Tarsus
Jesus of Nazareth
Quiz on Monday regarding these individuals...matching
Honors US History:
Be sure to check the HUSH Assignment page for info on assignments throughout the week... 
Below are the links we used in class to fill out the Supreme Court Analysis Sheet and the Primary Document Analysis Sheet:
Be sure to finish the Primary Document Analysis Sheet for Friday. You will need them in class.