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Attendance Procedures:
  • You will need to bring in an id to check out a student.
  • Students will need a note or email (written permission) sent in to check out, without parent present. We cannot accept texts. Phone calls will be accepted in an emergency only. Click here to send email.
Attendance Policy:
Students are encouraged to establish good attendance habits. Regular attendance is an important factor in achieving success at school. Parents/guardian will be called when students are absent. A note from parent or doctor is required for each absence due to sickness. After five unexcused absences, a letter will be sent to the parent(s) and the student will be reported to the county truant office. Court action against parents or guardian may result.

 Excused absences
  • Doctor or dentist appointment (for student only)
  • A death in the immediate family (father, mother, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, or grandparents)
  • Personal illness
  • Required court appearance
  • Religious observances (TCA49-6-3005)
  • Parent Notes: 8 parent notes for illness will be accepted during the school year for an excused absence.


Procedure to follow after an absence:

Note from home should be given to attendance. The note must contain the following information:
  • Student's Full Name
  • Date of Absence
  • Reason of Absence
  • Parent signature
  • Phone number where parent can be reached.

 If the above procedure is not completed within five days, the absence automatically becomes unexcused.
The student is responsible for asking for make-up work.
The student will have a maximum of five days to make-up his/her work from the last day of the absence. If the five-day time period ends after the last day of the nine weeks and the student has not completed the make-up work, the student will be given an "I" (incomplete).



Tardies to school and class or leaving school early (LU-late unexcused mark)(Per semester)

2nd-Warning, parent letter
3rd-Referral to administration for lunch detention
4th-Referral to administration for after school detention
5th-Student referred to administration for ISS; further tardiness can result in OSS.


Restriction of Student Pick-up

(Court Mandated)
It is very important that parents notify the office of any changes in custody restrictions on student pick-up mandated by the courts. The custodial parent of any student placed on restricted pick-up should contact the office and make proper arrangements. A copy of appropriate signed court documents will be required for the student’s file.


Check-out Policy
Only parents or legal guardians may authorize a student to leave school during the school day. Check-out by phone will only be allowed in case of an emergency. The parent that called must speak personally with school personnel. If there is a question of legal guardianship, school officials reserve the right to require proof of custody before releasing a student. Teachers are not to release a student from a classroom until notified by the office. A student must be present in excess of 3 hours 15 minutes to be counted as present for the day. A note or email from a parent will be required before a student can check-out. A check-out note must contain the following information:


  • Student's full name
  • Date
  • Phone number where parent may be reached during the day
  • Reason for checking out the student
  • Time of checkout
  • Parent signature






  • To be counted for a full day the student must be present at school until 11:15am.
  • To be exempt from finals the student must have the below grades/absences per class:

Full Year Classes:
Avg      absences
A          8
B          6
C          4
D         2


½ Year Classes
Avg        Absences
A             4
B             3
C             2



 Where do students purchase a parking pass?

They may purchase a parking pass in the attendance office. Parking passes are $5 and you will need to bring in your drivers license, license plate number as well as description of the vehicle you will be driving. The parking pass should be displayed from the rearview mirror.


Where should students park?

Students should purchase a parking pass and park in the student parking behind the school. There are no assigned parking spaces in the student parking.

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