Alumni Association

Welcome to the Central Magnet School Alumni Page. Here you can update your information and access the alumni newsletter. We'd also like to share your milestones and adventures. Send us a picture of you on your campus. Recently graduated? Send a picture to us in your new career. Send all pictures to [email protected].
Aalia HanifNorthwestern University, ChicagoAalia was selected for the fellowship with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and will be studying with Stefan Ragnar Höskuldsson.
Carson Schumacker, University of Pennsylvania graduate, starting Harvard Law School.
Mary Martha Willson (Mississippi State) and Russell Harper (MTSU) entering Belmont Law.
Anand Gowda
UCLA graduate.
Starting UC Berkeley to gain Masters in Financial Engineering.
Congratulations Megan Scott!
University of Alabama graduate, entering University of Alabama MBA program.
Congratulations Mamie Sevier!
Centre College graduate, entering University of Georgia, Historic Preservation Masters Degree.
Congratulations Sally Smith!
Kenyon College graduate.
Labor Intern, U.S. Senate Health, Science, Labor and Pension Committee.
Congratulations Abhi Manda!
Emory graduate entering Vanderbilt Medical School.
Congratulations Jack Zhao!
UCLA graduate and employed by Amazon.
Ricky Pletan, University of Pennsylvania graduate
Congratulations Alice Byrnes!
Vanderbilt graduate, Works as mechanical engineer at Mueller Water Products, Nashville.
Congratulations Sevon Askew! Traveling with Hadestown National Tour as Worker 4 and an understudy for Hermes and Hades. His opening night is September 23, 2023 in San Francisco.  We wish him the best of luck!