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Driver's Ed

Welcome to Driver's Education
Coach Kirksey                        Coach Rowland                                           
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August 30th - September 3rd
Mon. & Tues. - Finish Distracted Driving PSA. Start Alcohol and Driving/DUI Law
Wed. & Thurs. - Finish Alcohol and Driving/DUI Law. Complete field sobriety test. Go over driving Calendar
Friday - Basic Car Maintenance 
*Be sure to have the teacher you will aide for in place by Friday 9/3!
What do I need to get my permit?
  1. Certified copy of birth certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Two forms for proof of residency (utility bill, parent drivers license, etc.)
  4. Attendance form (SF1010 can be obtained from Mrs. Dodd in the attendance office)
  5. $10.50
Topics covered in the classroom:
  • Risk management/IPDE
  • Field of vision
  • The instrument panel
  • Road signs
  • Rules of the road
  • Traffic lights and roadway markings
  • Intersections
  • Alcohol & Driving/DUI
  • Distracted Driving
  • Basic car maintenance
  • Driving laws/TN Graduated licensing program
What do we do when we start driving?
  • right & left turns
  • three-point-turns
  • parking (angle, perpendicular, parallel)
  • Intersections (all types)
  • driving in residential areas
  • rural highway driving
  • drive thru restaurants 
  • 4-lane, divided highway driving
  • Interstate highway driving
  • driving in reverse
  • driving in high-traffic areas
Important Links
Schedule your Road Skills Test (up to 45 days in advance)
Must Read Websites & Articles for Teens Learning to Drive
Distracted Driving Lesson Links