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The Central Review Blog exists as an outlet for Central Magnet students, faculty, and staff to
  • Express thoughts and opinions on a wide array of topics and activities including English, History, Science, Technology, Education, Math, Sports, Gaming, Current Events, Politics and the like.
  • Promote academic scholarship within the Central Magnet community through student and faculty submissions.
  • Allow students to connect with others who have shared interests online. 
  • Contribute to the knowledge base within the Central Magnet community.
  • Allow a larger community to engage with one another and thus strengthen our opinions and ideas.
All students, faculty members, and staff are welcome to contribute their ideas, to submit academic work they would like to share, and/or to provide their unique perspective on issues that interest them. 
High School students who are interested in becoming a part of the Blog's staff must apply. The application process includes providing a brief writing sample and teacher recommendations. 
Club Sponsors:
Sarah Morris McDaniel
Jacob Harper
Melanie Thomas