Fitness Club

Fitness Club will not meet on 1/26 due to the YouScience Exam!
Our goal is to reach and teach the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. We hope to encourage students to develop healthy personal goals in a fun, motivating way. The Central Magnet Fitness Club is not a sport, nor is it an additional physical education class.

We will host guest speakers to discuss the role of fitness outside of the school setting and to introduce students to activities they may not be familiar with. Members will also work to increase awareness of the importance of personal wellness.

Fitness Club will offer a blend of presentation and discussion, physical activity and service projects.
Athletic attire and shoes may be required on physical activity days. Some events may take place outside of regular school hours.

The Central Magnet School Fitness Club will meet during A scheduled club times in the gymnasium.
Club Sponsors: Coach Molly O'Hara and Coach Dusty Stearns
Fitness Club Interest Form: