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Middle School Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is for students who wish to improve the relationship between LGBTQ+ students and their peers. The mission of the club is to find resolutions to discrimination, harassment, and violence in schools. While educating members and school community about bullying, homophobia and other issues facing LGBTQ+ teens, the club also seeks to promote understanding and awareness of the diversity that makes Central Magnet School so special. The club is a safe place for any student to discuss things they may be facing or experiencing. It also promotes the ideal of acceptance and friendship between diverse groups of students/ people and hopes to foster a sense of community.
Meeting Rotation- A
Location- Room 206
Sponsor - Joanna Angel
Dessa R- President
Hayes - Secretary
Mars P - Vice President
If you are interested in being an officer next year, please email Ms Angel and look out for a meet during CT next week (week of March 4)
Meeting 4 - challenges, resources, progress
Meeting 3- your experiences
Meeting 1- iintroductions
Please join the GSA teams to access online meetings and additional information. Ms. Angel will approve the requests.
If you have not been opted IN to GSA, you cannot participate in GSA sponsored club activities during or after school. This includes TEAMS or Remind 101 messages. I am sorry.
Meeting #2 Sept 20 Reading suggestions  
Meeting Sept 19 POWERPOINT- Stonewall
Thank you for attending our get together!!!!