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If you did not add MHI to the digital Opt-In form that was sent out on August 8, please download the form below, have a parent sign it, and bring it to our first club meeting.

Mission: Our mission for MHI is to bring a focus to improving mental health for Central Magnet students. By compiling resources, sharing information on mental-health-related topics, and working to change the view of mental health in schools, MHI will teach students how to reduce stress through various methods, as well as balance school and home life. The goal is not to be therapy for members, but advocates for better health for students.


Club Rotation: C in room 341


Other meetings: Meetings outside of the club will be held as needed.



President- Katie Narrell

Vice-President- Ainsley Russell

Treasurer- Emma Grey

Secretary- Callie Copeland


Contact: For Remind, Twitter, and Instagram, the handle is @cmsmhi or you can email any of the officers!