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Radio Club

During A rotation, the Radio Club meets in Room 349 in the Annex. .
Come join for all things Radio
This is for High School only.
More information is available on the Radio Club website. 
The goal of Radio Club is to inspire students to be active in amateur radio and the many branches
it offersand to help students to understand what radio is and how it is used within the
world today.
Club ideas and Possible Activities :
Transmitter Finding: Students would build Yagi Directional Antennas to find a Hidden
Working Satellites: Students would use pre-made antennas made for Satellite radio over the 2m
band and would have to account for Doppler shift, transmit power, etc.
HF Stations: Students would be able to communicate through HF (High Frequency) Radio to
communicate to operators throughout the world and most of the Lower 48 States.
2m/70cm Repeaters: Students would use Local Repeaters and Statewide Repeater Systems to
communicate with Local and or State Operators in the State of Tennessee/other states.
Echolink/Allstar: Using Repeaters or Nodes, Students would use the internet to connect to other
“conferences” to easily communicate around the world through the use of the Internet.
Visit an FM radio station and explore what it means to run a station.
Visit a Radio Station Tower (FM/AM). The purpose is to show transmitters for FM/AM stations'
Visit an airport and how Radio plays a role within Aviation.
What is Radio and How is it used in our daily lives?
What is the goal of the Amateur Radio Service?
Why is Amateur Radio used compared to modern-day Technology?
What is FM and how is it used locally, not worldwide?
What is AM and how is it used locally, but how is it able to travel long distances?
What is SDR (Software Defined Radio)?