1. What is the procedure to checkout my child? When you enter the front of the building, you will proceed directly to the attendance office.(attendance is located to the left) You will also need to bring your ID to verify you are on the list to pick up the student. To Contact Attendance 615-893-5815 ext. 23307 [email protected]

Students must have written permission to check out without a parent present. Please, send in note or email parent permission. [email protected]


2. What kind of calculator is required? We do not require the TI-84, but this is the calculator most often used.


3. Where do I check my child's grades and attendance? You may login by clicking here and entering your child's username and password. This has been provided by the school. If you do not have your child's login, you may contact attendance to get this information.( we are unable to give this information over the phone.) To Contact Attendance 615-893-5815 ext. 23307


4. What time do the doors open in the morning? The school doors open at 7:15. School begins at 8:00. Middle school students should report to the gym prior to 7:45.


5. What if I cannot pick my child up promptly at 3pm? The library stays open every afternoon until 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.


6. What is the deadline for the application process? The deadline is January 31st.


7. Will I be notified that my application for enrollment has been received? Yes, once your application has been processed you will receive an email stating we have received it. You will then receive a letter in the mail by March 1st, indicating the status of enrollment, ie: accepted, not eligible or waiting list. ***If you have submitted an application and have not received email confirmation via email, please contact the school.***


8. Where may I purchase school apparel and other items? You may purchase these items from the Central Market or in the attendance office.


9. Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer? You may contact the Central Magnet PTO.


10. What are the procedures if my child becomes sick or needs medication? We do have a school nurse. We do not stock medications. If your child needs Tylenol, Ibuprofen or other medication, you will need to bring unopened medications to the school to check in with the nurse. If your child needs to take prescribed medication this will also need to be checked in with the nurse. Your child will be able to call home. To Contact Nurse Anderson call 615-893-5815 ext. 23321


11. Do you offer transportation or bus services? We currently have shuttle buses that run to the Smyrna and LaVergne area only. The pickups are at other schools, centrally located. For more information please call transportation at Central Office: 615.893.5815 ext. 22100


12. What if my child is absent for several days, how do I get their make-up work? The best way to get your child's school work is to contact each of his or her teachers via email. Each teacher has their email listed on their webpage.


13. If there is inclement weather and schools close, will the games and practices also be cancelled? Yes, if schools are closed most events will be canceled. High School could still play. Please, contact school or coaches for questions.


14. What is a school resource officer? Rutherford County Website has great information about what an SRO is and their duties.

15. Where do students purchase a parking pass? They may purchase a parking pass in the attendance office. Parking passes are $5 and you will need to bring in your drivers license, license plate number as well as description of the vehicle you will be driving. The parking pass should be displayed from the rearview mirrror.

16. Where should students park? Students should purchase a parking pass and park in the student parking behind the school. There are no assigned parking spaces in the student parking.