Movie Circle

Club Rotation Week: D Rotation
Club Sponsor: Coach Burns
Where the Club meets: Room 202
Movie Circle continues the legacy of previous club co-presidents Collin Sissom and Chaffee Elam. If you consider yourself a "movie buff", and are interested in learning the styles and techniques of film making, this club is for you!
This year, Harrison Allen and Nick Held take over the reigns of the club. Come and learn more from behind-the-scenes of your favorite movies every D-rotation in Coach Burns' room!
Things to do for the best Movie Circle experience (with parental permission):
  • Have parents "opt in" to the club
  • Join the Remind (details coming soon)
  • Get a library card or ecard from the Rutherford County Library System
  • Once you have a library card, download the Hoopla app. (Hoopla works on Apple, Android, and Roku devices, and probably others. We may choose a film on Hoopla to watch between club meetings to discuss, and this way it's free for everyone.
  • Create a free letterboxd account so you can track films you've watched, save those you want to see, and tell your friends what's good. Also, you can work on your writing skills by reviewing the movies when you log them on your account.
Coach Burns

Room 202

High School Only