National English Honor Society is an honor society for the recognition and promotion of outstanding work in English among students in grades 11-12. The purpose of NEHS is to provide an opportunity for above average students of English to work together in an organization dedicated to enjoying and recognizing the usefulness and beauty of language skills. NEHS will also recognize and promote outstanding work in English among high school students and members are eligible for various scholarship opportunities. We will participate in a number of activities such as National Read Across America Day, service projects that relate to literacy, tutoring, and teacher appreciation projects. The organization will have four presiding officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The elections will take place at the first organizational meeting before the induction ceremony. Senior members in good standing will receive a stole to wear at graduation.

Requirements: Students must earn and maintain a 3.75 GPA in English, pay dues, purchase a graduation stole, and attend the induction ceremony. Regular attendance at club meetings and events is also required. Students are required to earn points through service work each year to maintain membership.

Cost: Members pay one time dues of $35. This includes local and national membership and a graduation cord. Colors are Navy and Gold. 
Points: Students in National English Honor Society must earn 4 points throughout the school year. Points are earned by participating in events, fundraisers, and other opportunities. You should earn 2 points each semester. You may not double dip points for NEHS with points for another organization. For example, if you are working an event for Beta Club and NEHS is also working that event, your point would come from Beta, not NEHS. In addition, only 2 of your points can be donation based for the entire year.
Reporting Points: Fill out the form in the side menu bar to report that you have earned an APPROVED point. 
Checking Current Points: For now, please email Mrs. Eubanks to check how many points you have for the year. We are working on getting a checkable spreadsheet uploaded that is password protected.
Point Opportunities: Check the calendar below for possible point opportunities.
OPT-IN REMINDER: Just as a reminder--if you have not opted in to the club on the form sent to parents at the beginning of the school year, you cannot attend meetings or events. See Mrs. Eubanks if you have questions.
Mrs. Eubanks & Mrs. Nau

Room 104

2023-2024 OFFICERS
Aubrey Walters, President
Vada Thomas, Vice President
Anna Niedzielski, Secretary
Charlie Fairfax, Treasurer
Amanda Fernandez Jaeger, Activities Chair