This club seeks to promote leadership skills, provide public speaking opportunities, and increase awareness about our state, local, and national government, as well as world affairs. The club has three components, but members are not required to participate in all three.
Model United Nations: Students will simulate meetings of the United Nations. Students can participate in the General Assembly (where teams of two represent their country and propose and vote on resolutions under consideration), the Security Council (where one student represents one of a select few countries), or argue a case before the International Court of Justice.
Model State Government/Congress: Students will have the opportunity to model our state government at capitol buildings in Nashville. Like Model UN, students can participate in a variety of activities. They can be legislators proposing and voting on bills in House and Senate chambers, argue cases at the Tennessee Supreme Court, or be part of the Governor's cabinet. There will also be competitions simulating the legislative branch of our national government, Congress.
Political Action Club: Unlike the other two parts of the club, it does not involve competitions. It, however, seeks to inform students about domestic politics and ways of participating in political processes.
Local leaders will be invited to speak on these topics.

Cost: There will not be any fees for this club; however cost to attend the conferences will be paid for by the student. Financial aid may be available.
Mr. Brooks

Room 130 for High School

MS & HS (will meet separately)