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Cindy Davis, ELA Lab 6th Grade

  Classwork Homework
Nov 28/29
Intro to A Christmas Carol
Go over stave one, part two voc for grade
Read stave one
Read 30 minutes
Stave two voc
Nov 30/Dec 1
Dec 2
  Classwork Homework
Mon and Tue
Nov 21 and 22
Typing 15 min
Voc 15 min
Level four sentence analysis
Go over stave one part one voc
Stave one, part two voc
Enjoy your Thanksgiving
  Classwork Homework
Mon/Tue Nov 14/15
12 min. vocabulary in Amplify
Grammar sentences:
Oblique rays of golden light gilded the foaming sea. 
She was an experienced captain and the matriarch of the freighter.
Junior Scholastic
"Surviving the Endurance" and "Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?" with quizzes.
Read for independent challenge
Read 30 minutes. Have addresses on Friday.
Wed/Thur Nov 16/17
12 min. typing on Clever
Grammar sentences:
Amid the stale smell of oil, a pensive silence pervaded the engine room.
The clamor of the diesel engines was a rumbling lullaby for the weary crew.
A Christmas Carol  vocabulary, stave 1, part 1
Read for independent reading challenge
Read 30 minutes. Have addresses on Friday.
Friday Nov 18
Address envelopes.
Write a heart-felt letter of thanks.
Read 30 minutes.
  Classwork Homework
Mon/Wed Nov 7/9
Library with book review homework. 
Finish speeches.
Grammar--level four.
Read 30 minutes
Thur/Fri Nov 10/11
Grammar practice--level four
"Thank You" by Alex Haley
Read 30 minutes
Have your mailing address written in your agenda next week
  Classwork Homework
Oct. 31/Nov. 1
Begin level 4 grammar
Holiday speech writing
Library check out if needed
None. Enjoy Halloween.
Nov. 2 and 3
Level 4 grammar continued
Speeches given for holidays
Read 30 minutes
Nov. 4
Level 4 grammar - finish
Poetry Friday
Read 30 minutes
  Classwork Homework
Oct. 24 and 25
Book Fair as a class
Level 2 practice
Read 30 minutes
Oct. 26 and 27
Level 2 practice + Bingo
Surviving the Endurance reading and quiz from Jr Scholastic
Read 30 minutes
Friday Oct. 28 Level 2 test Read 30 minutes
Monday, Oct. 17
straight 7
Library check out and Book Fair talk
Read 30 minutes
Tuesday, Oct. 18
straight 7
Amplify voc. 10 minutes
Level 2-parts of the sentence
Read 30 minutes
Wednesday, Oct. 19 No school for students Enjoy your day
Finish level two notes. Read Salem Witch Trials Junior Scholastic article with quiz--see me if absent. 
Library checkout and reading. 
Read 30 minutes
  Classwork Homework
Mon/Tue Oct. 10 and 11
Reread grammar notes
Grammar sheet review.
"George Washington's First War" reading and quiz in Junior Scholastic.
Begin 2nd nine weeks reading challenge--3 fiction/3 nonfiction. Library rotation.
Read 30 minutes
Wed Oct 12 straight seven Grammar review for test on Thur and Fri Read 30 minutes
Thur/Fri Oct 13 and 14 Grammar practice and test. Read 30 minutes