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Youth in Government (MS) » Youth in Government (MS)

Youth in Government (MS)

Youth in Government  Middle School

· Sponsor: Mr. Ruess

· Meeting Place: Room 226

   Rotation:  B

This club seeks to promote leadership skills, provide public speaking opportunities, and increase awareness about our state, local, and national government. Youth in Government: Students will simulate meetings of the Tennessee State Legislature. Students can participate in the Congress: Students will have the opportunity to present proposal (Bills) our state government at capitol buildings in Nashville. Students can participate in a variety of activities. They can be legislators proposing and voting on bills in House and Senate chambers. There will also be competitions simulating the legislative branch of our state government.

· Grades: Middle School

· Cost: There will not be any fees for this club; however cost to attend the conferences will be paid for by the student. Financial aid and fundraising may be available.  Total per student is $35-40