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One Act Play Audition information and form! 
Please fill this out to the best of your knowledge and submit before auditions on Wednesday, February 28. If you are a middle school student, please make sure your parent signs this form as well. 
Audition information

- Auditions will be Wednesday, February 28 from 3:15-5:15pm in Mrs. Sweet's classroom (Room 344 in Annex)
 There will be audition sides from each show posted to Mrs. Sweet's website prior to audition day. 
- You must complete this form before auditioning.
- Rehearsals will be scheduled anywhere from 2-5 times a week (depending on your director(s) and schedules) from after school until 4:45pm.
- Weekend rehearsals are not required or recommended but may be necessary depending on student and director schedules. 
- Tech week into performance schedule is as follows:
      - April 22 --3:15-7:30pm all one acts 
      - April 23-25 --3:15-6:30pm  (depending on availability we will decide if these three rehearsals will be all one acts          or split for time.
      - Performances --April 26 and 27 @ 7pm, call time of 6pm
Parents/Guardians: Parent/ Teacher conferences are March 18. Please email me at
[email protected]  if you would like to set up a time to discuss your student's progress in my class. Thank you!

All assignments can be found on each class Teams page unless told otherwise.  

February 20-23

Theatre 2 (Advanced Acting) 


Bellwork journal entries W/Fr--> Play and character analysis for in class play.

Rehearsal and blocking work--> applying the acting methods to a rehearsal


Theatre 1 


Bellwork journal entries W/Fr--> Analyzing a play- The Glass Menagerie.

Read along and analysis questions

6th grade theatre 


Bellwork journal entries W/Fr--> Tech theatre- Cosplay costume design in small groups.

Theatre 3 and 4 

Directors project

Theatre 3 and 4- Set renderings and to scale models of scenic design

7th and 8th grade theatre 

Bellwork journal entries T/Th--> Theatre careers: Scenic design projects in groups

Technical Theatre 

Set building and construction for Legally Blonde

”Great theatre is about challenging how to think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to”
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