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Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for March 18th. If you would like a meeting, please contact Mrs. Nicole Davis at [email protected]. Thanks!
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The tabs to the right have everything you need: daily agenda, lessons (in PowerPoints), assignments, and handouts!

Username: full student email
Password: student id number and the word math after (no spaces all lower case)
Password: 1234567math
If that doesn’t work you can select “forgot my password” and it will send a link to your email to reset it.   

Per Semester


1st – Warning

2nd- Warning and parent contact- conference with student

3rd- Referral to Administration for lunch detention

4th- Referral to Administration for after school detention

5th- Referral to Administration for parent conference, possible ISS and further disciplinary action as needed.


** Any student that is late for the 8:00 bell, must have a note from attendance.

On a new piece of paper. For each problem you missed, write:

  1. The number of the problem
  2. The correct answer
  3. All the work and/or explanation to get the correct answer (and circle the final answer)
  4. Write a note to yourself about what you did wrong.

Staple the test/ printed out answer key (if taken online) on top & turn them into your class period’s tray.


Important notes:

  • I do NOT accept late test corrections
  • The goal of test corrects is to learn from our mistakes. A thorough explanation in the form of work or written explanation must be given to ensure you actually understand the problems. Corrections are graded strictly.