Spencer Germany » Welcome to CMS Choir!

Welcome to CMS Choir!

Freshman Honor Choir - Jan. 25th (Belle Aire Baptist)
University of Tennessee Chattanooga Concert - Feb. 16th (Optional, HS Students only)
MTVA Middle School Honor Choir - Feb. 22nd (Belle Aire Baptist)
Legally Blonde - Feb. 22nd - 25th
Choral Performance Assessment - Feb. 29th
Spring Middle School Concert - Mar. 19th
Spring High School Concert - Mar. 21st
"When Words Fail, Music Speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Welcome to the Central Magnet School Choir Program! 

Please email or call with any of your questions or comments. [email protected]

(615) 904-6789 EXT. 23395, ROOM #339

Remember, students who have a choir dress from last year that fits do not have to purchase a new one. 

For the Shirt/Tie combo, make sure to select the following:

  • Black dress shirt
  • Pleated Cavalier Pants 
  • Gold Tie