Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE)

Welcome to the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Club (ACE) - High School Only
The ACE Club is an after- or during-school mentoring program that introduces students to careers in Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering. Teams are composed of students and industry mentors to emulate an actual design team. Students are also introduced to colleges with programs in these related fields.  Our team is comprised of students from Central Magnet School, Middle Tennessee Christian School and Oakland High School.
What is ACE:
• After/during-school program
• FREE to join
• Teaches about design and building a project
• Over 10,000 students nationwide
• Offers scholarships, summer camps, and internships
When is ACE:
We will meet various locations from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm on the following days.  Meeting locations and topics are listed below so you know where and what will be discussed at each meeting.
Meeting dates and locations are subject to change.
The team presented their project at the 2023 ACE Mentoring Scholarship Banquet on April 20th.  To see their presentation click HERE
Congratulations to our ACE Scholarship Winners for the 2022-2023 School year.
Audrey Pletcher (Central Magnet School): ACE Mentoring Program Local Affiliate Scholarship - $3000
                                                                   CMiC Allen Berg National Scholarship - $10,000
Allyssa Bonanno (Oakland High School): ACE Mentoring Program Local Affiliate Scholarship - $3000
If you did not add ACE to the digital Opt-In form that was sent out on August 8, please fill out the form below and bring it to Mr. Bonanno.
Students please click the button below to register for ACE Mentor Program