Welcome to TableTop Board Gaming Club!
Sponsor -Jacob Harper

[email protected] 

TableTop is a club that exists for students who love collectible card games, who enjoy board games that require abundant strategy, and who want to meet new people and try new things.

We meet in the Senior Cafeteria every other Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:30 pm.
Club Dues are $5 for the year. All dues must be paid no later than September 7th to be a member of the club. Students will not be able to join after this date during the first semester.
Another round of entries will be available for students who did not join during the first semester at the beginning of January. The fee will be $5 regardless of when the student joins.
The club will not give refunds after dues are paid.
Dues paying members will be:
  • Able to come to after school club meetings and play games
  • Allowed to nominate games for purchase
  • Allowed to vote for club decisions on game purchases
  • Allowed to vote for club leadership
All high school students may nominate themselves or others to run for club office.
Middle school students may nominate and vote for club office, but are not allowed to hold a club office.
Be sure that you are familiar with the rules of checking into and out of club meetings AND the rules for checking out games while at a club meeting.
During the first semester, we will discuss which games we may want to add to our inventory.