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National Junior Classical League » Honor Cord Requirements

Honor Cord Requirements

Honor Cords are given to graduating seniors with the following requirements:
1) Seniors must be in good standing in the Junior Classical League and have paid chapter dues in their graduating year.  No current dues, no cord.
2) Students must have taken at least 3 years of Latin at Central Magnet School.  Exceptions:  Students who are seniors and currently in Latin.  Examples:  A student who is a senior and took Latin I and Latin II in 7th and 8th grade and then took no more Latin courses is not eligible.  A student who is a senior and took Latin I, Latin II, and Latin III in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade is eligible.  A student who is a senior and currently in Latin I would be eligible, as long as other requirements are met.  
3)  Students must have been inducted into the National Latin Honor Society at least one of the years of their Latin studies.  It is not necessary that they be inducted into the Latin Honor Society in every year of Latin.
4)  It is the responsibility of any graduating senior to notify the JCL sponsor of their desire for an honor cord and a written description of the way that they have achieved qualification (e.g."I took Latin for 3 years at CMS and was inducted into the Latin honor society and have paid my dues this year") for the honor cord by March 1 of their graduating year so that the JCL can verify the qualifications and purchase the honor cords.  JCL honor cords are purple entwined with gold, the colors of the NJCL.  
Students who notify the JCL by the deadline and meet the qualifications do not have to pay any fee for the honor cord.