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Hoop Rats

High School Psychology Club: Behavioral Engineering

(Hoop Rats)
Activity Levels

Reinforce each behavior at least two days before moving to the next level.

(Morgan's Law of behavioral Reinforcement)

Between 30 to 50 rewards.

Level 1:Food in the Cage

The rat needs to be able to take Rice Krispies from your hand before it is introduced to the buzzer.

Level 2:Buzzer to Food in the Cage

The Rat needs to make the association between food and the buzzer to make the following levels more successful.

Level 3:Buzzer to Food in the Court

Hint:You may need to hold the Rat near the hole the first few times.

Level 4:Ball to Buzzer

Hint: Place a Rice Krispie on the ball to get the rat to notice it.

Start shaping the behavior to get the Rat to play with the ball.

Level 5:Roll Ball into Goal (Platform)

Start out next to the hole and gradually move further and further away.

Level 6:Move Ball Down the Court

Rat needs to bring the ball down the court and place it in the hole.

Level 7:Lift Ball to Place in Basket (With Platform)

Start at about 1/8th in. above the platform.

Level 8: Lift Ball in Basket (Without the platform)

Move up gradually as the Rat gains its balance.

Level 9: Basket to Higher Level

Feed from the top hole.

Level 10:Rats Compete