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Delia Boost - German

Parents and students - Recordings of instructional portions of class will be posted on the TEAMS page for each class when students are absent. I will continue to post tables for each week on the website, so parents can also see what the topics and assignments for their students are.
Students are also encouraged to post questions about assignments there. That way, when I answer those questions, all students in the class can benefit from the explanations.
Useful Sites for learning German are below this post. There is also a link to parent resources following that.
Parent Resource Guide - Click HERE
This link takes you to articles and information about various topics including: brain development, stress and trauma (and effects on youth), youth mental health, and talking with your child about drugs, alcohol, media use and health issues.
Each student should have the following (please let me know if assistance is needed):
1 - A binder with loose leaf paper and 3 dividers (can be shared with other classes)
2 - Pencils (of course)
3 - Purple pens (at least 2)
4 - 1/2  pack of 3 x 5 index cards (they can share these with another class). These will be for class activities.
Each student have - Expo Marker (a dark, vibrant color - visible from afar)
dry erase markers
extra copies of any of the summer reading books
coloring sheets (anything along the lines of these)
stress balls
fidget chair bands/ bouncy bands
Yoga ball chair
(The last 4 items are for a stress relief area I want to set up in the classroom.)