Adam Brooks, A.P. U.S. Government and A.P. Comparative Government


Class Procedures/Expectations:

  • You are expected to be in class everyday!  AP Government is a comprehensive course, which is content intensive (i.e. there are large quantities of information which are introduced and discussed daily).
  • If the teacher has made you aware of a test, which is scheduled on a day you are absent, you have the responsibility to make arrangements the following day after school or during an open time to make-up the missed test.
  • Please use the restroom during class changes. It is a distraction for you, other students, and the teacher to leave class for the restroom. 
  • Absences


     For the benefit of all students, all assignments, required readings, and tests will be posted on the class calendar. 


Makeup Work:             

At the beginning of class on the day you return, you will be expected to turn in any assignments that were collected while you were out. At the end of class, check with me to see what you missed and to pick up handouts, arrange to make up tests, quizzes, etc. Turn in any missed assignments in the next class session. This is your responsibility. Tests and Quizzes will be made up during CT, during lunch, or after school on the day the teacher assigns.    


***If the student does not contact the teacher for his/her missing work in the time permitted, the student will not receive credit for said assignment. For example: if the child misses two days he/she will have two days to receive make-up work.***



90% - 100% = A         80% - 89% = B           70% - 79% = C           60% - 69% = D

Below 60% = F;  See me regarding makeup work and tests - but not at the end of the semester! Remember Rutherford County Board policy allows a student a maximum of five days to make-up his/her work from the last day of the absence. 


Classroom Rules

  • Be on time for class. Tardiness is very disruptive for you, me, and the other students.
  • Bring paper, pen, textbook, and assignments to class every day.
  • If you are having trouble with any of the material in the course, come to me ASAP and sign up for remediation.



All classroom rules, expectations, policies, and procedures must be followed at all times. Failure to follow these rules, expectations, policies, and procedures are followed by the following consequences:

1st offense-VERBAL WARNING




If your student is in AP Gov’t, AP Macro & AP Micro this semester, it is time to order the semester 2 AP exams.   We will begin collecting payments January 24 and the deadline to pay is March 1, 2024.  There are two ways to pay for the exam.  Students can pay by cash or check (payable to CMS) in the attendance office for $98 a test.  You can also pay online for $102 using this link:  When you pay online please put the student’s name under the “who are you purchasing this for” question.

Please let us know if you have any questions.