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AP Chemistry Main Page

AP college board link will give you 2014 to present FR questions and answers
the link below will give you the pre 2014 FR questions and answers
great AP video tutorials.  The below link is the main page for the play list:
Summer Unit: Stoichiometry
Unit 1: Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends (ASP)
Unit 2: Bonding and Geometry
Unit 4: Condensed Phases and Enthalpy
Unit 5: Gas Laws
Unit 6: Introduction to Equilibrium
Unit 7: Acids and Bases
*typo on problem 26.3 (f) answer should be 3.49M and 2.9 x 10-15 M
Unit 8: Application of Equilibrium
Unit 9: Thermodynamics
Unit 10: Kinetics
kinetics homework part II: 
take the self assessment quiz on page of 659-660 of your text book.
Show all your work, check answers end of page 660
You may use calculator, omit question 1.
Unit 11: Electrochemistry
the EMF presentations go with lesson 4 in lecture notes
tutorial on assigning oxidation states
excellent tutorials on balancing reactions in acidic and basic solutions:  goes with Lesson 2 in lecture guide
balancing 1/2 reactions in acidic solutions:
balancing 1/2 reactions in basic solutions