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Jason Patterson, Reading and Enrichment 7th grade

10-18-10-22- We are doing the first two lessons in Sub unit 2 Expanding the Complete Sentence. In Microsoft Teams we will also do activities related to the reading challenge. We will work through during the week- monitoring the amount of time needed on each activity.
You will do Amplify Grammar Lesson Sub Unit 1 What is a Complete Sentence?; Lesson 4 Identifying and fixing a Complete Sentence and Lesson 5 Defining a Complete Sentence 2. You will not do tile 6 but will do tiles 1-5 on each.
We will do Amplify Grammar Lesson Sub Unit 1 What is a Complete Sentence? Lesson 6- The Simple Subject 2 (The Sequel) You will not do Tile 6. After completing this lesson- you will do 40 minutes of Quill. This will finish our Quill for this 9 weeks. After completing these activities we will read for the reading challenge.
9-24- Library Day- bring laptops, paper and pencil
9-13/14 Today we will start a lesson that ties into the story you are reading in ELA. In Amplify, you will go to Poetry in America which is the last grouping listed just past the Grammar tile. Click on the Poetry in America tab and choose sub unit two "The New Colossus." Choose Lesson One Allusion and Cultural Context. Follow instructions carefully as there as some video clips that you will use to answer the questions and writings. We you complete this you will read for the reading challenge if any time remains. The video is listed in the materials needed section.
9-7-21 and 9-8-21- Today we will be doing a reading challenge check up and two lessons in Quill. I will place the reading challenge check up form in Microsoft Teams. You should answer the questions based on a book you have read during the reading challenge this semester. After completing the questions you will then do two Quill lessons of your choice.
9-1 and 9-2-2021- We will be doing a library lesson today for the library. We will do it through class. Here are the instructions on how to access from the library website.
We've posted the stations as well an introductory video for your students on the library website. Your students will click on "Assignment Resources," in our table of contents and then choose the link at the top of the page that says, "middle school library station rotations." Please have your students watch the introductory video which also explains the birthday book club and then complete the two stations sometime this week at your convenience.
We will have classroom material and discussions through Microsoft Teams as well as assignments being posted here. 
8-30 and 8-31- We will do the Grammar tile in Amplify; Subunit 1 What is a Complete Sentence?; Lesson 3: The Simple Predicate. We will also do a Quill lesson of your choice based on the diagnostic test you took. (Lessons were assigned based on each student's needs) Any time left should be used for The Reading Challenge.
Monday/Tuesday- Grammar Amplify lessons- Sub Unit 1- What is a Complete Sentence?-Lesson 1- Defining a Complete Sentence/Lesson 2- The Simple Subject- You will do tiles 1-6. You will need to write your own sentences for tile 6. 
Wednesday/Thursday- Library Day- Make sure library permission form has been completed by parents. Bring your laptop with you.
Friday- We will do Quill based on your diagnostic test
8-3-21- Welcome back to school. I am looking forward to a great year in ELA lab. Everyone needs to fill out the library permission form before Wednesday.