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Jason Patterson, Reading and Enrichment 7th grade

This week will include a library trip on Tuesday and a vocabulary test on Friday. We will continue to add to the level analysis. Below is the ten words for the vocabulary test on August 24th.

Countenance- facial expression

Manifest- obvious

Languor- weakness

Acute- sharp

Condescend- to patronize

Exquisite- beautifully made

Sublime- lofty

Allude- indirectly refer to

Singular- unique

Incredulous- skeptical

Word Fragments Vocabulary Quiz August 17th

Pre- before                                       ante- before

Pos- put                                           com- together

Ad-to                                                pro- for

Nom- name                                     ject- throw

Inter- between                                con- together

Junct- join                                        pound- weigh

Plex- twist or fold                           dict- say

Verbum- word                                 sub- under

In- not                                              apo- beside

Fin- end                                            pend- hang

De- down                                         cede- go

Co- together                                    intro- into