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Zaira Kime » Zaira Kime, Honors Spanish I and II

Zaira Kime, Honors Spanish I and II

Dear Students, 
If you have been in my Spanish I class this school year, please know that it has been an honor and a privilege to be your teacher. You have worked so hard, and I am very proud of the progress you have made. You are now ready to take on Spanish II, and I am excited for the learning ahead. If you have not been in my class yet, but will be joining us next school year, know that I am very excited to have you, and look forward to our time exploring my native language together. Below, you will find a list of summer activities that I would like for you to do in preparation for our class next school year. Nos vemos en agosto!
This summer, unplug, take a family bike ride, read a fun book, go stargazing, take a hike, search for seashells, learn about a different culture (and make a meal to match!), visit a museum, go to a drive in movie theater, spend an afternoon writing a story with your siblings or friends, go camping (backyard camping counts!), play board games, run through the sprinkler, make lemonade, visit the library, lie in the grass and look for pictures in the clouds, volunteer at a local organization, have a sleepover with friends, paint rocks, pick fresh berries at a local farm, create an ice cream bracket for the summer, go to see an outdoor concert, make s'mores, learn a new card game, keep a sketch book of any cool things you see, go to a water park, swim, jump into the lake, help someone in need, watch fireworks with your family, keep a journal of your summer adventures, take time to get to know a friend, surprise your postman with a thank you gift, go for a run, jump on the trampoline,  and...
join 'LOS ESTUDIANTES DE KIME' Club in Duolingo so that we can keep learning Spanish together during the summer. Consistency is key when learning a foreign language, so make it a goal to spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day (minimum of 5X a week), so you can see progress. 
If you do not have an account, create one, and then join my club. If you already have an account, please join my club. 
Club Code: HK9SYE
Feliz Verano estudiantes! 
Summer Blessings,
Profe Kime
TV shows and radio in Spanish
Watching TV Shows in a foreign language is a fantastic enrich your vocabulary and fluency. 
Have Netflix? This is a list of shows that can be changed to Spanish Audio. 
Cartoons (ideal to share with younger siblings, or travel back in time): Puffin Rock, Llama Llama, Peppa Pig, Little Baby Bum, Piglet's Big Movie, 72 cutests animals, Word Party, Veggie Tales, Pororro...
CNN in Spanish for kids
Television Shows from Spain
The 'People' Magazine of Spain
And last but not least, Mrs. Kime's favorite show when she was a little girl a long time ago: Barrio Sésamo. This introductory tune brings back memories of having 'merienda' with my mom after school, and the music of the show playing in the background. It was the one and only TV show I watch growing up. This show is from 1979 so everything looks quite different now, but if you want to take a trip to the past to my childhood in Spain, click on this link to be transported to 'Barrio Sésamo'. http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/barrio-sesamo/
Cautionary note for parents: Even thought the nature of these magazines and newspapers is of public service, the content of the news varies daily depending on current events (which unfortunately are violent at times), so I ask parents to browse the previous media links with their children and help them find appropriate and meaningful content so they can be exposed to the target language safely. Thank You for your cooperation.
Google Translate is a quick and easy program. It has tons of features to help you learn while you translate. 

More and more people are turning to Google Translate for simple translations.  In most cases, the machine translation has improved to a level that you can get the general meaning of a piece of text, but it is most of the time not precise and grammatically incorrect. It is a great took when traveling, and trying to convey a message, but in the classroom it must be used with caution. Like any technology, it can be a problem if not used correctly. 

Quizlet has flashcard stacks where your vocabulary can be quizzed easily and effectively. When you connect to my class, you can see the stacks I have already prepared for you to help with quizzes and tests. We will go over all the details of how to connect to my class. All of my students must have a quizlet account, and join my class, so that I can follow their progress.